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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Peonies 2016

There is no way I can escape painting peonies each year. If I keep practicing, maybe I'll get better. After all these years I feel in my bones I need to practice more. So, this is what I started with intrigued by the giant white flowers. My yard must have 50 peony plants in full bloom. Started this Wednesday evening with my class.
Wanted a dark background to emphasize the light of the peonies. Very heady perfume as I'm working. A few sneezes, lots of kleenex. Big shapes first!
Thought it was time to work with the vase. Anything symmetrical - and it's loony bin time for me. The pressure to finish these before they die keeps me working without thinking. Have to react more. Just paint.

Oh boy. The details scare me. The Thursday morning class is here and I'm supposed to be finishing. Signed it. Hung it in my bedroom. Hated it. Hated it all day Friday. Too square.  Poopy darks. Bummer.
By now the original bouquet is pretty dead but there are a million more peonies out in my garden. It's my first task of the day. Picked some new flowers, put them in a different vase and added them (sort of) to my painting. Took about a half hour. I now LOVE this.

So, don't give up. You might just need more sleep and more time for your right brain to figure things out. Works for me. Happy Painting!