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Friday, May 27, 2016

7 new paintings

Time keeps on slipping away!!!!!  A humungous show, spring erupting everywhere meaning lots of yard work, baby seeds to tend, a mammoth yard sale (which required a massive clear out of my house) and the other things life requires time for like paying bills, cleaning the house, buying groceries, eating and sleeping.

And now, time to post my 7 new paintings!!!!  Fortunately I have painting to save me from all the craziness of the last few months.

Blue Bottle and Rose
Intrigued by the perspective, the glass table, the evening colors.  I never quite understand why I choose something to paint.  There certainly is more feeling involved than head.  Just had to paint this.

Forget Me Nots
These sweet little flowers are growing everywhere in my yard.  Feeling the need to do some one or two sitting paintings.  While I do love to analyze and puzzle over my subject matter, still life is a great way to hone painting skills.

White Pitcher on Blue
Still doing the quick still life. White - it's on my bucket list to finally be happy with painting white. Love this little pitcher.

Lilacs 2016
Wasn't sure I'd get to lilacs this year - but, my quick still life project is getting more fun.

And then there are the abstracts!! Why not.  Fun to play with and figure out.

This has been worked on over time.  Who knows where this came from but I'm finally liking it.
Pink and Blue Abstract
Another painting that has been reworked a few times.  Never sure where I'm going with these.  Maybe it's a kind of crap shoot?
Red and Gold Abstract
Was definitely in a red mood.  Something about this winter here in New England.  I had a craving for RED!!!!

So nice to get caught up.  Think I'll keep working on the quick still life project.  Now that my house is cleared out of accumulated junk, I can concentrate on painting some of my favorite things.  Happy Painting!!